Tell us about yourself?
Spenser Cullen. Abilene TX. 6'2" 265 lbs. Abilene Cooper. Football, Powerlifting, and track (discus and shot put)

What are your pre-game rituals?
Always listen to Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi to start focusing in on the game and the situation, then right before its time to take the field i switch over to All That Remains.

What professional athlete would you say you pattern your game behind and why?
Not to sound cocky or anything, but Tom Brady, just because the fact that he never looks like he's in a panic. he's always calm, cool, and collected, and i never feel panicked during a game.

Besides sports, what are other hobbies that you enjoy?
I love playing my guitar. Any kind of music. Everything from jack johnson to slipknot.

How are you doing in school?
Decent, not exactly your straight A student, i have my slip ups, but all in all probably a B+ average.

If you could meet anybody, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Probably Will Ferrel. In my opinion, funniest actor!

What are your plans for life after sports?
Go to college and get a degree in coaching and return what my coaches have done for me.

Send a shout out to SoSportz:
You guys always keep me posted on athletes around the nation, kinda like an inside scoop of sorts haha!!

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