Can NBA players make more money by forming their own league?

Carmelo Anthony is surrounded by fans after an exhibition game in Baltimore
Maryland between the Goodman League All-Stars and the Melo League.
Photograph by: Patrick Smith, Getty Images A lockout means one thing, MONEY. With the owners and players battling over several issues including the biggest issue which is the revenue split, I was thinking the players could make more money if they started their own league. To keep in game shape and to continue to play the game they love, NBA players have been playing in charity and exhibition games across the country. The games have been a big success. Crowds are filling the stadiums and the players are treating them like regular season games. With amazing dunks, crossovers, and buzzer beaters, the fans are getting their monies worth. Think about this: If the players started their own league, they would get the ticket sales, apparel sales, media deals, etc. All the money would go to them. There is no NBA without the product(players) so the product can branch out on their own and start their own league. What do you think? What would be the name of the league?


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