The real Big 3?

Can the Lakers make this happen? If CP3(Chris Paul), the Black Mamba(Kobe Bryant), and Superman(Dwight Howard) became teammates, would the Los Angeles Lakers be guaranteed NBA Champions? Only time will tell.

Game Changer Baller Bandz

Which team is the best fit for Dwight Howard? There have been numerous speculations on where Orlando Magic's superstar Dwight Howard will be playing this season. Will he stay in Orlando? Will he go to the Los Angeles Lakers? Chicago Bulls?  Free agency will be a frenzy and very exciting for the fans. Lets take a look at how he would look in other jersey's. What do you think?

Chicago Bulls
Boston Celtics

Los Angeles Clippers
Atlanta Hawks

New York Knicks
Los Angeles Lakers

Could he stay with Orlando?

Game Changer Baller Bandz

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