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Injuries In NFL Training Camps Are Huge Blows For Teams

Dennis Pitta (courtesy of Getty Images)
Jeremy Maclin (courtesy of Getty Images) Torn ACL, torn labrum, torn achilles, torn rotator cuff. These are just some of the injuries we hear most often after a typical NFL training camp practice. These men are fighting for roster spots, contract extensions, and practice squad spots. Each and everyday they put their body on the line to reach one of the goals mentioned previously. Jeremy Maclin of the Philadelphia Eagles(torn acl), Dennis Pitta of the Baltimore Ravens(hip fracture), and Percy Harvin of the Seattle Seahawks(hip labrum tear) are three of the big name players that have      recently had devastating injuries at the beginning of training camp that will end their 2013 season (Harvin is still questionable). 

Percy Harvin (AP/Ted Warren)
For the athlete, injuries like these can be very frustrating and can have a negative affect on their career. Physically, there will be long rehab process that will be very intense and painful. Even though the player will want to speed up the process so that he can  get back as soon as possible, they have to be patient so that the injury can heal properly. Mentally, the   player begins to question if they will be the same player they were before the injury, always asking the question "why me?", and the hardest part will be sitting at home or in the training room watching their teammates compete on Sundays.

Is it worth it? The NFL is trying their best to make the game safer and the injuries mentioned above happened in non-contact drills. Football is a violent game and it's nothing they can do that will prevent injuries. Players are getting bigger, faster, and stronger. The collisions will be more violent because of the size and speed of the players. Even though new rules have been implemented , once a player step on the football field, they are going to play the game the way they've been playing it their entire lives. 

The organizations are hurt by these injuries because Maclin, Pitta, and Harvin are key players for their teams and were expected to put up big numbers. Now, there is an opportunity for someone to step into their role and make a name for themselves. The NFL is filled with talent that fans have never heard of but can be contributors for any team. "Next Man Up" is how the teams will approach this process and the next man could be the player that can become the next household name. Stay tuned.....


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