GQ's February issue features the 25 coolest athletes of all time (time being since 1957 when GQ was launched), and they released the magazine in 9 different covers. Check out the photos/athletes that are currently gracing your news stands, as well as a list of the 25 athlete's they considered the coolest.

Muhammad Ali
Photo: © Halsman Archive

Michael Jordan

Photo: Globe Photos

Arnold Palmer

Photo: Bob Gamel/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Kelly Slater

Photo: Tom Servais

Joe Namath

Photo: Photofest

Julius Erving

Photo: Globe Photos

Tom Brady

Photo: Greg M. Cooper/US Presswire

Bjorn Borg

Photo: Walter Iooss Jr./Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Tim Lincecum

Photo: Lisa Blumenfield/Getty Images

List of 25 (with sports):

Muhammad Ali (Boxing)
Mario Andretti (Race-car)
Arthur Ashe (Tennis)
George Best (Futbol/Soccer)
Bjorn Borg (Tennis)
Tom Brady (Football)
Jim Brown (Football)
Julius Erving (Basketball)
Walt Frazier (Basketball)
Bob Gibson (Baseball)
Allen Iverson (Basketball)
Bo Jackson (Football, Baseball, Hockey)
Michael Jordan (Basketball)
Jean-Claude Killy (Skiing)
Evel Knievel (Daredevil)
Tim Lincecum (Baseball)
Pete Maravich (Basketball)
Joe Namath (Football)
Arnold Palmer (Golf)
Pele (Futbol/Soccer)
Gary Player (Golf)
Derek Sanderson (Hockey)
Kelly Slater (Surfing)
Kenny Stabler (Football)
Ted Turner (Sailing)

If you do not recognize some of these names, look them up and learn some sports history. You can also purchase the magazine to see why GQ thought they were cool.

Source: GQ

Pros Watching Pros...

Some of the world's best in their respective sports came out to enjoy some of the NBA's best at Sunday's Heat/Knicks game in Miami, FL.

"Ocho Cinco"

"Floyd Mayweather"

"Venus Williams"

What up Spike!!!!!

Photos via WireImage/Schanker
Source: YBF

I Remember Way Back When...

Remember when Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill were two of the best players in the NBA and arguably the future of basketball. I thought about it as I was watching LeBron James and Dwayne Wade take on the Knicks on Sunday and remembered how much I loved those Lil Penny Nike commercials. Here's a history lesson for you young cats and a stroll down memory lane for my generation...

Jordan- Record Breaking Ray Allen

Do you want to be a great shooter? Well as far as the NBA goes, a new bar has been set. The Team Jordan released this video of Ray Allen the day after he broke Reggie Miller's record for 3-point shots made. I wonder when Ray's record will be surpassed... will it be you?

Source: Jumpman23

SoSportz Bandz!!!!


Kobe Bryant is, "The Black Mamba"

I know you've probably seen the commercial by now, but check out Kobe's "The Black Mamba" short film in full. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, the film is graced with cameos from Bruce Willis and Kanye West. I like this much better than the "puppet" promotion... See for yourself.

Jordan - Dominate Another Day

Check out some recent entries from the Brand Jordan team in the "Dominate Another Day" series for the Air Jordan 2011. Starring the hilarious Kevin Hart, each video highlights the cutting edge midsoles that can be change to your preference. One midsole is designed to increase your lateral quickness and the other supports vertical explosiveness. Enjoy!

Air Jordan 2011: Design Inspiration

Dominate Another Day: Air Jordan

Dominate Another Day: Rocket Shoes

Dominate Another Day: Heat Check

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