Is Kobe Bryant's Career Over?

Kobe Bryant could have possibly tore is achilles tendon against the Warriors
on April 12, 2013 against the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers won 118-116. One of the greatest players to play the game of basketball career could possibly be over. At age 34, Kobe Bryant continues to dominate the game and puts his team on his back every night. He's dunking on players, shooting fade aways, makes circus shots, and brings it on the defensive end the same way he does on the offensive end. Someone who plays the game with so much passion, love, and tenacity, you hate to see their season end with a terrible injury.  With 3:08 left in the fourth quarter, Kobe fell to the ground holding his left calf as he was in obvious pain.  He limped to the bench and returned to make two free throws before being helped to the locker room.  The MRI was scheduled for today and the diagnosis came back as a torn achilles. The injury will keep him out six to nine months. This is the worst injury in Kobe Bryant's career. If he was a young twenty-three year old player I think he would be able to bounce back but at age thirty-four, it would be a miracle. Of course the way "The Black Mamba" mindset is, he will try his best to comeback strong and prove to everyone why he is who he is.  He had been playing 40 to 48 minutes each night to keep the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoff hunt with the 8th seed. Is it still possible without the NBA's top ten greatest player of all time?  We will find out soon.

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