Texidor to Laurel, Maryland?

                                                                                    How has your summer been?
Tomas Texidor is working hard to fulfill his dream.
It's been alright. The reason I say alright is because I haven't been to any camps at all, just tournaments. I'm grinding though, so I'll be at a few or plenty next Summer, no doubt about that. My game is improving quickly, and I've grown into a better, and mature person off the court.

What part of your game have you been working on the most?
I've really been working on playing more aggressive being with the position's that I play (Point Guard/Shooting Guard). Also, making better passes, and making sure they're 100% accurate.

What schools are you looking to attend?
Well, I leave August 11th to Laurel, Maryland to check out the schools down there, workout, and meet new people. Hopefully, I find the right school that's perfect for me, and that'll help my dream that I'm working hard to fulfill.

Aquille Carr is a dynamic player, what about his game makes him such a great player?
From my point of view, the thing that makes him such a great player is how confident he is on the court. He plays aggressive, and he's never afraid to takeover the game. He just has a big heart, at a small size. I feel watching him play could help my game in a major way, espescially because we are the same height right now. 

The Olympic teams have so many great players, which player inspires you?
Chris Paul, definetley. He's quick with the ball, throws flashy passes, and can shoot the ball when he feels the need to. Everyone on the USA Olympic team are great players of course, but he's the one who impresses me the most because he doesn't rush anything, he takes his time, and see's the floor very well.

What are your goals both athletically and academically?
My goals athletically is to become a better player, go all out my Sophmore year, and just give scouts and everyone else spectating my game something to talk about and stay watching my game for a while. My goals academically are to make Honor-Roll every term, and to stay focused on my school work. You can't get anywhere in life without good grades, so those are a must.

Any closing remarks:
I would like to give a shoutout to my uncle, Brett Givens, the one who is trying to make everything possible out there in Laurel, Maryland. Without him, none of this would be possible, so I just want to say thank you, and I love you. And I can't forget SoSportz! Shoutout to them for taking the time to interview me to see where I'm headed.

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