Tell everyone about yourself?
I'm Aisha Foy and I'm 15 years old. I'm a sophomore at Wilson High school in Portsmouth, Virginia. I started at point guard this past year. I play AAU for Boo Williams Elite 15U. I love basketball and it's my passion. I'm funny, fun to be around, and love to hangout with my friends!

What was your best game?
Had to be vs. Lake Taylor at Wilson. 16 points, 11 assists, 5 steals. We lost 57-46

Why are sports/education important to you?
When I see D1 basketball players playing on tv and getting a free college education, I see the life I want to have.

What can you do to make yourself better in your sport?
Practice,train hard, become stronger and smarter on the court, listen and have a good attitude!

What is your dream college?
Any Big time D1 college that's willing to give me a free education to play basketball!

If a College Coach ask you, how can you make our team better, what would you say?
I will dedicate myself to my team by working hard. As a point guard, I will be a leader and know how to get the ball to my teammates and make smart decisions. I will be the coach on the floor.
What advice can you give other student-athletes?
It's never to early to start thinking about college and going to the next level. 8th grade is a good time to work hard, train, and work hard in the CLASSROOM!

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