Tell everyone about yourself?
Hello my name is Demitrius Covington. I'm a sophomore at Portland High School. I am
5'8 and Love to play basketball. I didn't begin playing to about 8th grade but when I did begin, I didn't stop. Right Now I'm currently playing AAU for Maine Impact. Our season is going alright, we are 6-4.

What was your best game?
My best game was last year when I played my heart out and had 25 points and 5 assists. We were down by 10 going into the half but then I began to heat up. I scored 15 points in the second half but it still wasn't enough, our team lost by 4 points.

Why are sports/education important to you?
Sports and education are important to me because in the household I live in, its the only way out. I want to do everything I can to change the blood line of me and my family.

What can you do to make yourself better in your sport?
I make myself better by getting in the gym everyday and working on my game, analyzing what I did wrong in the prior game, and try to fix the problem.

What is your dream college?
I don't really have a dream college. Just going to college is a dream for me.

If a College Coach ask you, how can you make our team better, what would you say?
I'm a very diverse player. I can shoot the ball and control the tempo of the game. I have a great drive to my game and all criticism I take in a positive way so I can strive to better my game.

What advice can you give other student-athletes?
To the other athletes out their, stay focused don't get wrapped up in the hype and the parties. Just focus on your dream and do whatever you have to do to reach your goals.

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