Tell everyone about yourself?
My name is Donovan Humphreys and I am a up-coming starting small forward for the Southwind Jaguars from Memphis, TN.

What are your dreams in life?
My dream is to get as far with basketball as I possibly can and also be a part of the game in any shape, form, or fashion.

What was your best game?
My best game was a CBL game in which I scored 40 points; 5 dunks, and went 10/10 from the line. That got me some exposure in locally.

Why are sports/education important to you?
Sports and education are very important. Sports keep young people busy and out of possible trouble. An education is the key to anything in life.

What can you do to make yourself better in your sport?
I can make myself better in sports by not thinking as much and let the game come to me.

How do you make your team better?
I make a impact on my team by being a threat from out and inside the paint. I'm also the most athletic on the team and my vertical leaping ability off two feet is amazing.

What advice can you give other student-athletes?
My advice to student-athletes is to never let sports get ahead of your school work. Education must always come first.

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