Tell everyone about yourself?
My name is Colt Thompson. I am a freshman at Houston High School in the Memphis area. I play football, basketball, and rugby. In football, I play center and some defensive line along with some linebacker. I'm a very good student and am also president of my grade. I always work to get better. Performance is a result of work ethic.

What was your best game?
I would say my best game was my first one against Cordova. I had 3 pancake blocks. It just felt great to get back on the field again after the long offseason. We won by about 21.

Who is the best player you have played against?
Connor Harris and BJ Nagle. I got a chance to play with Connor in 6th grade, but I also had to play against him the next two years. He is a great running back and he is very hard to tackle. I played with BJ in 8th grade. Everyday in practice, I got to play against him on scout team defense. He plays quarterback. It really made be a better player because he is so hard to tackle as he is a dual-threat QB.

How do you make your team better?
I make my team better in many ways. It all starts with me on offense, so I must make sure the ball gets to the quarterback. I am a leader, whether vocally or by example. I'm not afraid to tell someone when they are not acting right.

Who is your favorite player?
Brian Urlacher, he is a great leader on Chicago's defense. He is such a great player and always has a great attitude. He comes to work every day no matter what.

Why are sports/education important to you?
Sports are fun to me. I love all of them, and I am very competitive. I think you must have good grades to play sports. I don't think you deserve the opportunity to play sports if you don't have good grades.

What advice can you give other student-athletes?
Just work hard. On the field, in the classroom, and don't ever give up. If you want it the most, you will get it.

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