Tell everyone about yourself?
I'm an 11 year old from Miami, Florida. I'm 5 foot and I weigh 93 pounds. I play quaterback, wide reciever, kick return, and safety. I play AAU basketball and I play point guard and shooting guard.

What are your dreams in life?
My dreams are to make it to the NBA or NFL.

What was your best game?
My best game was our first home game. I scored 4 touchdowns, threw 1, and we won 49 to 0. I also caused a safety and had monster hits.

Why are sports/education important to you?
So I can get a scholarship and be successful.

What can you do to make yourself better in your sport?
I can work hard and stay focused.

How do you make your team better?
I keep them pumped up and make them believe in themselves. I also congratulate them for making good plays.

What advice can you give other student-athletes?
Never give up, play your hardest, have fun, never be scared, and play your game.

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