Tell everyone about yourself?
My name is Earl Swift. I am a 6'2 basketball player that plays any position needed. I am an sophomore in the class of 2013. I go to Southfield High School. I'm played jv last year for basketball and this year I'm playing varsity.

What are your dreams in life?
To get a D1 scholarship. And in the future I hope to make a million dollars.

What was your best game?
At Joe Dumars when I scored 30 points. I felt unstoppable!

Why are sports/education important to you?
Education always comes first. My mom reminds me of that everyday. Education will always outlast sports any day. Sports, however, is a privilege that only a few people receive. I am blessed that I can go play.

What can you do to make yourself better in your sport?
Keep working harder..and get stronger.

How do you make your team better?
Become more vocal. Do whatever it takes to win a state championship

What advice can you give other student-athletes?
Keep working in the class room, and on the athletic field!

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