Tell everyone about yourself?
My name is Kyle Bolin and I'm a freshman at Lexington Catholic High School in Lexington, Kentucky. I play football there where currently I'm the Quarterback. This past season(2009), I played wide receiver on the varsity level because I was third on the depth chart behind two senior Quarterbacks. However, I started Quarterback on the freshman and JV level. This coming up season,(2010), I will begin my career as a varsity quarterback. I will have my sophomore, junior, and senior year to live up to the hype that has been set upon my shoulders. I have been very lucky to perform at my very best in front of very important people. In the off-season after my eighth grade season, I was named the FBU East All-American Team starting Quarterback. A couple months later, I participated in the National Underclassmen Combine. As an eighth grader, I had to compete with current freshman at the time. There were three combines, an open combine for anyone to do, an ultimate 100 for the elite players in the surrounding states, and then a top prospect camp for the top 100 players in the nation. As an eighth grader competing with freshman, I was named the QB MVP in all three events. After my showcase, I have been contacted by many schools such as Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, Florida, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Georgia, Texas, Florida State, Missouri, UCLA, Michigan, Louisville, West Virginia, Duke, Northwestern, Illinois, and Arizona State. The Goal for myself this season is to win a state championship and be honored as the first team all-state team.

What was your best game?
My best game was when we played Trinity High School. They are a powerhouse 6A school in Louisville, KY. Before the game started the coach told me to get our offense to 35points. After the game, I ended with 5 passing touchdowns and 2 rushing touchdowns. I threw for 350 yards and ran for 175 yards. We lost the game but it was one of the best games of my career.

Why are sports/education important to you?
Education comes first. In order to survive in this country, you must have an education and a degree. Sports may not always be there so I will need something to fall back on, and an education is my insurance. Sports is very important to me because it keeps me in good physical condition and allows me to stay in shape. Also, sports teaches you how to handle yourself around people and ables you to become a man, and learn very important habits for when you mature.

What can you do to make yourself better quarterback?
Practice. Practice. Practice. Throwing, running, lifting, and studying film. There is so much to being a good Quarterback. I look at it as if I could always be better, no matter how good I am. I can always throw more balls, work on my agility, my release, my hand offs, and decisions. One thing I need to work on the most is being patient in the pocket and going through my read progression.

What is your dream college?
The University of Tennessee. Ever since I was six, I have always dreamed about quarterbacking the Volunteers of Tennessee in an SEC environment. I went to one of their games and it was mind-blowing. The stadium is so loud and the fans are crazy. From then on I've tried to imagine what it would be like to play in front of a fan base like Tennessee's. Hopefully I will be able to experience that feeling one day.

If a College Coach ask you, how can you make our team better, what would you say?
I would say many things. The most important thing would be to have a shorter memory. The ability to forget the mistakes I've made the moment after I've made them. Sometimes when mistakes are made, I would get down on myself or my team. Another thing I need to work on is not keying on one player. Sometimes I choose who I'm throwing to based on how well the wide receiver is. I need to go through my progressions and throw to the open receiver, not the player.

What advice can you give other student-athletes?
The decisions you make today will effect the rest of your life. Many kids make stupid decisions when they are young and it ruins the athletes future. Also, to live like a peasant today, then like a king tomorrow. In other words, work your butt off while a kid, make sacrifices that you normally wouldn't make just to make sure nothing goes wrong. After all the hard work, you will live a very easy and happy life when your older based on all the hard work you've put in as a kid. Just remember though that sports is only temporary and you will always need an education to fall back on. Education comes before athletics.

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Anonymous said...

You are a tool. You faggot, the only reason you seem good is because you are 2 years older than EVERYONE in your grade.. your a joke

Anonymous said...

Nice comment! I Have herd this boy is a hold back,he was 6 months younger than everyone in his grade so his parents decided to turn the table at a young age and give the kid more time to mature.This interview seems very articulate and intellegent.Im sure you hate Tim Tebow aswell.You should get off the computer and go out and improve your game and stop knocking young kids that work hard and have goals you may want to working for this kid some day. I have seen this kid play and he is the real deal believe me! Bill Roberts Louisville Ky

jauk11 said...

Not sure who made which comment above but Anonymous has always seemed like an intelligent poster before, hope he didn't post the derogatory one. He is also interested in UK I think, and a win in Knoxville and a good season this year and an even better one next year could do a lot to change his favorite. I expect both.

An increase in our stadium size and a commitment to football by our AD could make a difference too, I think we already have the coaching staff in place. UK could become a popular place to go, meanwhile I hope UT goes down the tubes.

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke or what? This guy has never play a High School game and going to take LexCath to a State Champion! Give me a break. I heard he's older than most JR. Give me a break!!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope LexCath has a back-up, I saw him practice looked like he was lost.

Anonymous said...

yea right you have been contacted by all those schools as an 8th. your not that good. and Lexcath they dont have a good fball program. you should be on sports center wil 14 year kids as 15 D! offers

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the anger in the original post it sounds like someone is really jealous of this kid. He sounds very mature for his age and his words are full of truth and wisdom. Education is the key, football is a dream, I hope this kid gets both!

Anonymous said...

Yea he must suck huh? how about you google his name and look at what all and have to say about him. Oh, he also got offered by illinois a few weeks ago, im sure the kids trash... Get out of here, you obviously dont know anything about the game or your just jealous. This kid is projected to be one of the top players in the nation by his senior year. Oh and another thing, check out his highlight video and tell me if he sucks then?

Anonymous said...

I met Kyle and he is a fine and classy young man which, in itself, outshines the Bozos making the negative comments here. This kid is talented,smart, and has great attitude and heart. I predict he will be playing on Sundays in 6 years. So all of you jealous losers, stick to Fantast Football and get to know this name because you'll be drafting him in your Fantasy Leagues one day because that is as close as losers like you will ever get to D-I or the NFL. You'll just continue to make excuses about your lack of abilty. You are also cowards for not identifying your smart mouths and classless comments - most bench warmers do that.

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