Tell everyone about yourself?
My name is Ben Browdy. I am a freshman baseball player at Deerfield High School and in the summer, I play for the two time national champion Schaumburg Seminoles.

What are your dreams in life?
My dreams are to get a scholarship to a Division 1 school as an infielder and hopefully play well and maybe attract the attention of a professional scout, but for now, I am focusing on getting to a D1 school.

What was your best game?
My best game ever was actually a doubleheader against a team ranked in the top 3 in state in which I went 6 for 6 and had 3 putouts at third base. I also came in to start the second game and picked up a win, the second of the day against a very strong team.

Why are sports/education important to you?
Sports and education both work together to make me a better person. They help keep me disciplined and working hard which are two important skills.

What can you do to make yourself better in your sport?
To make myself better, I think I need to lift and train harder in the off season than I have before. The only way to get better is to outwork your opponent and keeping that in mind will make me a better player.

How do you make your team better?
To make my team better, I need to always be working hard and playing to the best of my ability. Setting an example will inspire one teammate to follow and that's contagious, hopefully getting others to work hard as well.

What advice can you give other student-athletes?
My advice is to outwork everyone around you, let others push you to the limit. In the winter, I wrestle to stay in good shape and it demonstrated that as long as you're working as hard as you can, you can achieve your goals.

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