Tell everyone about yourself?
Bala is my name, from Kumasi-Ghana. I am a Basketball Athletes currently enrolled in SUCCESS CITY ACADEMY High School and played for Kumasi SLIZZERS Basketball Team. I play as Point Guard.  I am 6ft 3inches tall and it's always in my mind to be among a winning team.  I love to score in a game and playing defense against my opponents. I also like extra training after I finish with my Coach and teammates. I have a dream of playing in High School and College in United States and then someday pursue to the highest level if I get the nod.

What are your dreams in life?
My aim is to play at either NBA, D-League or FIBA someday and not going there just like that but to show my Coaches, teammates, fans and others the best of me. I want to go there to show the best of myself.

What was your best game?
Actually my best game was in 2009 Inter-Schools Basketball Tournament, both at Semi-Finals and Grande Finale, when we met K. T. I. High School.  We were down, I got the rebound, and went on a fast break for 2 points for us to make it the finals.  The other game was wining against Anglican High School in the finals with the help of my 22 points to win the trophy in the history of the School.

Why are sports/education important to you?
Both are important to me.  Playing Basketball will give me the opportunity to further my education.  I am very serious with my books.  I am Business Accounting student in my 2nd year.  My second vision is to be an Accountant or Banker someday but I prefer to play in the NBA.  I don’t know where my future lies so I am trying to make both, one is going to happen!

What can you do to make yourself better in your sport?
It is very important for everyone to better him/herself in whatever you plan to do in the future. For me, after training with my Coach and teammates, I spent 2 hours on private training 4 times per week and 3times per week on my books because I don’t know what will happened in future. In all, I am doing very well to get to a High School in the U. S. and perhaps College where I will get better training facilities to better myself to play in the NBA someday.  It is always in my dreams.

How do you make your team better?
This is my field, when my team is in need I play as much as I can to raise the team up.  As a leader of the team, I do play a difference in all time to help the Forwards to make the basket for the team. For instance, in 2009 Inter-Schools playoff I did the same against K.T.I. High school and recently my community team Slizzers Basketball Team against Lebanon Basketball Club.

What advice can you give other student-athletes?
What I have for my fellow colleagues is “Education is the Key to Success”.  The NBA is second to non sports in the world, but remember if you are in school please try to learn both and focus on your training and books.  If I get the nod, I'm sure I'm going to do the same.

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