How Do I Get Faster? How do I get faster is a question every athlete ask themselves at some point. In most sports, speed is an asset that can separate you from your competition. For football players, speed is something that can make you tons of money or keep you from reaching your dreams if you lack it. Weight training, explosive lifts, plyometric workouts are just some of the ways to increase your speed

For you athletes out there, you should continue to do those things but there is something else you need to add to your workout regimen, AQSpeed! This program works and it only takes 15 minutes a day and you will see improvements in your quickness, power, agility, and you will run faster in just 14 days. The sound of it makes it seem like it's impossible and even a scam but this is the REAL deal. Using resistance bands, you can do it in the comfort of your own home and begin to separate yourselves from the rest of the athletes around the world. Click HERE to get the AQSpeed workout and see more information. Below are a two testimonials from current NFL players Glover Quin, safety for the Detroit Lions, and Malcolm Jenkins, safety for the New Orleans Saints who have used the program. 

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