Say what you want but Tim Tebow is a winner

Tim Tebow celebrates after scoring a touchdown. Photo by (Doug Murray/Reuters) He's not a NFL quarterback, his accuracy is horrible, he needs to change his throwing mechanic, he's too religious. These are just some of the criticism that Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has endured since entering the league in 2010.  It's obvious that he's not the prototypical quarterback that we are used to seeing but since taking over the starting gig, Tebow is 4-1 putting the Broncos back in the playoff race. It hasn't been pretty but when the jersey number 15 steps on the field, the guy is a winner. He just has that "It" factor. When the game is on the line and a big play needs to be made, he seems to make the play. He's a game changer and his confidence will continue to grow as the season continues. Is Tebow the future of the organization? That question will be answered very clearly if the win column keeps going up.


2011Denver Broncos81255644.815.67095.788.675.610.856T112159678.4
2010Denver Broncos9824150.09.16548.072.756.133.75010262682.1

2011Denver Broncos8567.03886.948.53322035.7402
2010Denver Broncos9434.82275.325.2640T1227.9211

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